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Simtec’s HEXaFLITE® Flying Theater Ride represents the new generation of flying theater indoor simulator attractions. With a breathtaking initial movement the visitors are tilted in front of the screen and experience a high dynamic fully immersive simulator ride.

A spherical dome projection screen with up to 26m diameter is set around the 6-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) tilted motion platform. Linear accelerations with up to+/- 20° around all axes provide a realistic flying experience for the visitors.

The advantage of the new HEXaFLITE® design is the ease of entering and leaving the motion platform.

A special design of the motion system makes it possible to enter the platform in horizontal position, take a seat and close the shoulder bar. From this position the motion platform is tilting down in front of the screen. The visitors’ feet are lifted in the air and all of them have seats just in front of the screen feeling like individuals flying in the scenery of the movie – a unique sensation. With the extensive dynamics and movement in all directions and around all axes visitors will have a perfect immersion with the content of the movie. The attraction story line can be based on any kind of vehicle which is taking the visitors on an amazing journey. It can be a real life action thrill or a computer animation with all the exciting effects possible with this technology. Dynamic sequences can be mixed with soaring elements in the movie.

Simtec is offering HEXaFLITE® as a turn-key system including the ride system, screen, projection system, audio-video system and even movie content if requested. Versions with 16, 40, 72 and 80 seats are available. Ask us for your special design. Special effects for wind, scent, spritz and vibration are an option.

HEXaFLITE® - “Made in Germany”

Short Description:

6-DOF (degrees-of-freedom) motion platform moving forward/backward, left/right, up/down and turn around longitudinal, lateral and vertical axis. Visitor seats on an open platform with railings around the platform, safety shoulder bar with redundant locking. Installed in front of a spherical dome projection screen with 180° horizontal by 110° vertical visual field of view. Breathtaking initial movement from docking position to operational position with people in vertical arrangement with feet in the air. Horizontal docking position and vertical operational position.


German TÜV approval according European ride standard EN 13814 and Chinese CSEI approval, others on request

Motion Platform:

6-DOF hydraulic motion platform with hydraulic launching system

Passenger Capacity:

Versions with 16, 40, 72 and 80 seats

Hourly Capacity:

Capacity between 160 and 800 visitors per hour with 6 minutes cycle time and 3.5 minutes movie

The most famous project in 2010 was the motion ride system with 6+2 degrees of freedom for the Shanghai Pavilion on the World EXPO in Shanghai.

Based on this success we have a very strong position on the Chinese market. Most of out HEXaFLITE® systems in production will be delivered to Chinese customers.

Customers such as the Autostadt, the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Wanda in China or the ZOOM Erlebniswelt are the most important references of the last years.

Take your benefit from our experience in the field of aerospace, automotive industry and entertainment simulation for customers around the world.

Our entertainment customers are amusement parks, zoos, museums and exhibitions.

Trust in our efficiency. The Future of Entertainment – Made by Simtec

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Our FUNRIDE simulator product line is in successful operation in several parks and attractions for the last ten years.

These simulators are based on our hydraulic motion systems with six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) and payloads from 150 kg to 25 tons. One simulator can carry up to 80 passengers in an open theatre or closed cabin configuration.

Passengers are sitting or standing, facing projection, audio and effect systems.

Attractions of our FUNRIDE simulator product line are:

Alaska Ice Adventure – The Simulation Ride

ALASKA ICE ADVENTURE is an exciting closed cabin indoor simulator attraction. The simulator is one of the biggest in the world. The visitors enter an igloo with more than ten meters diameter with three big HD rear projection screens.

Three high definition rear projection screens are set up on the motion platform. A closed cabin is designed like a large igloo. Visitors are standing with hand rails for their safety.

Short Description:

6-DOF (degree-of-freedom) motion platform moving forward/backward, left/right, up/down and turn around longitudinal, lateral and vertical axis. Visitors are standing in closed cabin with 10m diameter. Visitor cabin themed as a big igloo with handrails for visitors standing during the show. Three large windows in the igloo are covered by three 4x2.5m large rear projection screens. Audio-video system with “Alaska Ice Adventure” simulator movie content. Show control system for the whole attraction.


FUNRIDE CAVE is a new exciting Simtec indoor simulator attraction. The visitors experience a full immersive simulator ride based on most recent virtual reality technology.

Four high definition rear projection screens are set up around a 4-degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) motion platform. The visitor’s feeling is like entering a cave if they step on the movable and themed simulator platform with image impressions around.

Simtec is offering the FUNRIDE CAVE as a turnkey simulator ride attraction including the theming and the movie.

FUNRIDE CAVE – “Made in Germany”

Short description:
  • 4-DOF (degrees-of-freedom) motion platform moves forward/backward, up/down and turns around longitudinal and lateral axis
  • Visitors standing on a 5.6m wide x 7m long motion platform surface, entrance and exit doors are in the back of the platform
  • Visitors platform with themed railings around the platform and for visitors standing during the show (seats as option)
  • Installed in a cave projection system which provides front, left, right and top images
  • Audio-video system with simulator movie, show control system for the whole attraction


With the HEXaDRIVE® HOVER motion system Simtec presents a new and innovative advancement of its successful product family HEXaDRIVE®. Developing this new product Simtec mainly stressed following criteria:

  • Installation into existing buildings without reduction of travel
  • Design and impression of the whole system
  • Limitation onto the essence

The HEXaDRIVE® HOVER system has an inverted cabin design, the roof of the cabin is at the same time the upper frame of the motion platform. This enables a cabin entrance almost at ground level. So the travel of the motion platform can get enlarged within the existing buildings and the driver gets close to the centre of tilting of the platform. All these advantages lead to a more realistic simulation.

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Entertainment Motion System

Simtec has provided a simulator attraction called EXPO-Jet® with a 6-DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) motion platform with a turntable for the German Pavilion on the EXPO 1998 in Lisboa, Portugal. This system is operated with 20 tons payload and a closed cabin for 60 passengers.

This system was designed according to the European safety standards for entertainment attractions and was approved by the German TÜV concerning all relevant safety issues.

One of the most famous EXPO-Jet® was designed for the EXPO in Shanghai in the year 2010. The Shanghai Pavilion was one of the special highlights: in less than four months we developed, built, installed and programmed the motion platform of this new entertainment simulator. Visitors experienced together a journey through the story of Shanghai.

The concept of the EXPO-Jet® simulator is based on our motion simulators allowing movements in all six-degrees-of-freedom. The motion platform with six-degrees-of-freedom is moved with a rail system through a dome-theater during the show. In order to draw the attention of the audience to special focus points inside of the 360° cinema, a turntable on top of the 6-DOF motion platform can turn the audience more than 360° in both directions. At the same time 60 spectators can take part in this event. There are seats and standing room. Naturally wheelchair users have got the possibility to attend the journey.

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Wuhan, China

Wuhan Wanda Movie Park– Power of nature FUNRIDE 96 entertainment simulator



Shanghai, China

EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China – Entertainment motion system for the Shanghai Pavilion together with 360° dome cinema.


HEXaDRIVE®10EP motion system, TruckRacing

Nürburg, Germany

Nürburgring GmbH. HEXaDRIVE® 10EP motion system for truck simulator.



Nürburg, Germany

Nürburgring GmbH. Nürbus 4-DOF motion platform for bus simulator.


Interactive video control system

Wolfsburg, Germany

Autostadt GmbH – “DrivingSchool”, driving simulators with interactive video control system



Stuttgart, Germany

Neues Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart– 2 HEXaDRIVE®Hover racing simulators.



Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Ruhrzoo, ZOOM Erlebniswelt– Alaska Ice Adventure: Fundride 50 simulator attraction with Alaska theming.



Hanover, Germany

EU-Pavilion for the EXPO2000 in Hanover – Funride 35, 3 independent simulators.



Lisboa, Portugal

EXPO-Jet® for the German Pavilion on the EXPO 98 - the world biggest high-tech entertainment cinema for 80 persons.


GALAXY Simulator Ride

Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany

Galaxy simulator ride built together with IMAX: 16 units of 3-DOF hydraulic motion platforms for GALAXY, the largest simulator ride in Europe in cooperation with IMAX projection system.

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About Simtec

We are the “Specialists in Simulation”!

Simtec is one of the leading manufacturers of entertainment simulator attractions. Starting from aerospace engineering as a flight simulator manufacturer in 1989 the company strongly developed to other business in the last 25 years. Starting with a large contract for Phantasialand park in Germany – the Galaxy dome screen simulator ride built together with IMAX – Simtec developed to a full service supplier today.

Take your benefit from our experience in the field of aerospace, automotive industry and entertainment. We are focused on system engineering and integration. Production of machinery, steel structures and hydraulic components is carried out together with proved partners. We do assembly of electric and electronic subsystems in our plant.

Our own design department takes care of our software. Manufacturers and suppliers of automotive and aerospace industry, research institutions and universities belong to our customers as well as airlines from all over the world.

Trust in our efficiency.

Founded in 1989 Simtec simulation technology GmbH is located at Braunschweig Research Airport. Since 2007 Simtec System GmbH took over the project business of Entertainment, Test Systems and Flight and Driving Simulators, while the “old” Simtec is now focused on pilot training in the pilot training center in Braunschweig. Simtec Systems is the specialist in individual entertainment simulators.

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